Kae Mason- microbladed eyebrows
I brought this passion to Salon K because my eyebrows are almost non existent. Look at them now!

microbladed eyebrows
The process of microblading each individual hair to fill in the eyebrow.

New to the world of beauty, is the process called Microblading.
Microblading eyebrows 
This semi-permanent makeup is applied manually with a specialized microblade that penetrates the upper 0.5mm of the client's skin. The pigment is basically tatooed into the upper layer of skin, filling in and creating the desired look of full and luscious eyebrows. The effects last up to 18 months at which time the pigment begins to fade, leaving the original shape of your natural brows.

The advantage of microblading is beautiful, realistic eyebrows that are waterproof, smudgeproof and simply gorgeous.
Microblading application 
The service is not painful and our price of $485 is much cheaper than the closest salon in Boston.
This service includes a complimentary touch up at 1 month. You may book your new eyebrows with Kae and West now.

Trained by Everlasting Brows.
Microblading comes to Salon K in Mid January. This very exclusive service is only available at Salon K.

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