Permanent Cosmetics


This semi-permanent makeup is applied manually with a specialized microblade that penetrates the upper 0.5mm of the client's skin. The pigment is basically tattooed into the upper layer of skin, filling in and creating the desired look of full and luscious eyebrows. The effects last up to 18 months, at which time the pigment begins to fade, leaving the original shape of your natural brows.

The advantage of microblading is beautiful, realistic eyebrows that are waterproof, smudge-proof and simply gorgeous, with no pain or time-consuming daily makeup applications! Even blondes can once again have natural-looking eyebrows.

Kae is a trained and certified Everlasting Brows technician. Her careful attention to detail and her spot on eye for shape and natural color will leave everyone wondering how you have such perfect eyebrows! Salon K’s Kae exclusively offer this service and is now booking appointments.
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Semi-Permanent Eyeliner
Semi Permanent Lash Line Enhancement
Semi-Permanent Full Lip Color & Lip Liner